The clarinet SECTION

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The clarinet section is comprised of 36 members with 24 performance block spots. Four rank leaders and one section leader make up the student leaders of the clarinet section.

As a member of the clarinet section, this "family" will provide a valuable support system throughout your college career, helping you adjust to life in Ann Arbor and create life-long friendships.

We’re one big family that wholeheartedly and genuinely supports its members. I look forward to coming to rehearsal every day because I know I’ll be having fun with some of my closest friends.
— Alex Wolfthal, 2018

Member Feature


Halaina Jimenez

Class: 2021
Hometown: White Lake, MI
Major: Business Administration

I love the people! We are a family for sure, and no matter if it is band-related, school-related, or just life--the sticks really come together to make sure everyone can get what they need. I also love the vibe of our section. We take things very seriously and strive for excellence, but we are also very relaxed.