Endowed Scholarship Funds

The Michigan Marching Band maintains several strategic endowments which provide annual revenue crucial to the Band’s ongoing success. Donors may contribute to any of the existing funds, or, with a minimum gift of $50,000—establish a named fund supporting an area of their choice (such a gift may be pledged over a period of years).

1998 Centennial MMB Scholarship (572006)

Awarded annually to a member of the Michigan Marching Band, this scholarship was endowed in celebration of the Centennial Season by members of the 1998 MMB, with a lead gift from Howard Gourwitz.

Arthur W. and Judith L. Angood Scholarship (570882)

Four generations of the Angood family graduated from the University of Michigan. Although academic interests varied, the one outstanding constant which has brought pleasure and the Michigan spirit to each generation is the Michigan Marching Band. We feel so fortunate to be able to endow a scholarship so that in a small way Michigan Marching Band members over the years may be a part of and perpetuate the tradition which has become so important to Wolverines everywhere. —Art and Judy Angood

Eric A. Becher Scholarship (701835)

Endowed by Donald R. Shepherd, this scholarship honors former Director Eric A. Becher, who, at the age of 23, took over the Michigan Marching Band as the youngest director in the country. Becher led the MMB through the decade of the 1980’s, and is remembered for developing the now traditional Blues Brothers’ formation. It was Becher who introduced the glide-step to the MMB, a marching style more appropriate for the ballads so often heard during his tenure.

The Merton J. and Gladys C. Bell Marching Band Scholarship (731615)

Established in 2012 by Larry Bell (B.S.E, ’68, M.S.E. ’69, M.B.A. ’72) in honor of his parents Merton and Gladys Bell. This scholarship is to awarded to a member of the Michigan Marching Band that is currently a student in the College of Engineering, and a member of the Tuba section.

Scott Boerma Marching Band Scholarship (797363)

Endowed by Donald R. Shepherd, this scholarship honors former Director Dr. Scott Boerma. Professor Boerma graced the MMB with his intriguing arrangements, and continues to write for the program. Dr. Boerma returned to his alma mater, where he is now the Director of Bands at Western Michigan University. 

Burrows Family Marching Band Scholarship (572117)

The Burrows Family Scholarship was endowed by MMB alum Matt (BA ’98), his sister Kelly (BSN ’00) and their parents, Craig and Sue. Our family shares many great memories of Drumline step shows, postgame performances of Temptation and Hawaiian War Chant, and of course, the 1998 Rose Bowl. We are honored to provide this scholarship to a member of the Drumline in recognition of the hard work, dedication, and excellence embodied by the Michigan Marching Band. Go Blue!

George R. Cavender Scholarships (704470)

Endowed by Donald R. Shepherd, this scholarship honors former Director George R. Cavender. The Michigan Marching Band experienced major changes in tradition under George Cavender’s leadership. He instituted the upbeat, current entry cadence that allows the Band to burst onto the field, form the famous Block “M,” accompanied by Jerry Bilik’s M Fanfare. It was under Cavender that women were first allowed into the Marching Band and he who broke with the traditional “caped” uniform look in favor of the more current uniform style.

Robert A. and June A. Chartrand Scholarship (570569)

From my student days in Ann Arbor to the present time, the University of Michigan Bands have played an important role in my life. The opportunity to work with and learn from William D. Revelli and George R. Cavender were life enhancing events. Each was my chief critic, mentor and friend and the lessons learned from them have lasted a lifetime. And, or course, the friendships made while a part of the Bands and as President and Board Member of the Band Alumni Association have added much to my life. My wife, June, also a graduate of the University of Michigan, was a public school music teacher for many years.

It is our hope that this scholarship, to be awarded to a student who is pursuing a degree in Music Education and who plays at least two years in the Marching Band, will enable the recipient to enjoy many of the experiences I have had. June and I also hope that this student will go on to teach the love of music to the children in our public schools. —Bob Chartrand

Betty E. Cummings Marching Band Scholarship (572224)

Retired, University of Michigan Senior Research Administrator Betty E. Cummings established this scholarship to be awarded to deserving member of the University of Michigan Euphonium section. Betty is a long time supporter of the MMB.

Joseph J. Deike Memorial Marching Band Scholarship (731191)

The Joseph J. Deike Memorial Marching Band Scholarship was established in memory of Joseph J. Deike who dedicated his professional life to music education. Joseph J. Deike admired the hard work and dedication of the members of the MMB and looked forward to seeing the Band perform each season.

Richard B. Drubel Memorial Scholarship (302164)

Richard Drubel sent out the U-M football schedule to relatives planning special family events, letting them know which weekends he would NOT be available for the festivities. For every game since his son joined the band under William D. Revelli, Richard and Mary Jane drove two hours to set up their tailgate on what is now Elbel Field, and then outside Chrysler. Always early enough to be in the row the band marched through, at exactly the place where the MMB started (and still starts) the final Victors before the stadium. Our Dad would be the loudest one yelling, “Go Band!” 

H. Richard and Denise Elmquist MMB Family Scholarship (572201)

The University of Michigan has played a very important role in the lives of the Elmquist family, with Richard and our three kids attending the University of Michigan. These are increasingly challenging times for many families, so we are proud to provide some financial support to current band members. The University of Michigan has always stood for excellence, and this includes our outstanding marching band. We appreciate the dedication of band members and the marching band staff, and we are proud to provide some measure of support to the dedicated students who give their time to the marching band. Go Blue! —Richard and Denise Elmquist

David A. Finn Scholarship (570172)

The MMB is truly an “extended family” for me. For over 25 years, the Band has given a sense of belonging that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else on campus. Endowing a scholarship, then, was a very easy decision. In whatever ways possible, now and in the future, it is simply a way of “giving back” to the organization which gave me the inspiration to finish my degree and now gives me the feelings of family and tradition which will last forever. —David A. Finn

The Patrick Fleming Memorial Marching Band Scholarship (731439)

Endowed by Donald R. Shepherd, this scholarship honors former Marching Band member Patrick Fleming, trumpet, who was involved in a fatal car accident during the 2011 season. This scholarship is awarded to a member of the MMB that demonstrates the dedication, and commitment that embodied Patrick’s spirit.

Ginns Family Marching Band Scholarship (731875)

The Marching Band is a unique and strong symbol of the enthusiasm found at the University Michigan and an enduring example of the creativity, energy and dedication of its students. We hope that in a modest fashion this will allow students to continue to commit their time and energy to the vitality of this Michigan institution. —Laura and Jonathan Ginns

Rebecca Anne Gourwitz Drum Major Scholarship (570915)

Established in 1998 by Band alumnus Howard J. Gourwitz, this award is presented annually to Michigan’s leader on the field. It is named in honor of Howard’s daughter who, despite her physical challenges, always strives to be her best and achieve her goals through hard work and dedication, and serves as an inspirational role model.

Carl J. Grapentine Scholarship (570204)

This scholarship was endowed in 2000 by Donald R. Shepherd in recognition of Announcer Carl Grapentine’s devoted service to the Michigan Marching Band. Mr. Grapentine is in his 39th year as “The Voice” of the MMB. An alumnus of the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, he played oboe in the Symphony Band and Orchestra and was the baritone soloist with the Men’s Glee Club during his student years. Much in demand as a vocal soloist and narrator, Grapentine is the morning program host on WFMT radio in Chicago, the country’s leading classical music station.

Guilmette Family Scholarship (731237)

The University of Michigan provided our son Cam with a rigorous and rewarding education along with a fulfilling and fun college experience. The Michigan Marching Band was an integral part of that experience for Cam and for his family. The tradition of Michigan football became part of our family Saturday routines. Whether in person at The Big House, or hundreds of miles away at home, we listened attentively whenever The Victors would play, convinced we heard our son’s euphonium calling out.

We are pleased that our financial support to the Michigan Marching Band will help other deserving students to share in this one-of-a-kind experience. May the music play on for generations to come. Go Blue! —Dave and Sue Guilmette

Hitchman Family Scholarship

MMB has long been an important part of the Michigan experience for the Hitchman family. Our passion was influenced by Tom Hitchman (Sr. Manager, ‘58 football), sharing important traditions like Bob Ufer on the radio and MMB performances in Ann Arbor. The Victors was the first song we learned to play as budding musicians. The Hitchman Family Scholarship was endowed by Tom Hitchman (MMB trumpet ‘78-‘83) and his family in celebration of the joy that the MMB brings to its members, families and fans. We are honored to support future students as they build upon one of the great Michigan traditions. —The Hitchman Family

Connie Keicher Memorial Scholarship (715395)

The Connie Keicher Memorial Scholarship was established in 1989 by Connie’s family and friends. The Scholarship honors a young lady that battled physical adversity throughout her life. During her three years in the MMB she did not let pain, even from a knee operation, stop her from competing for that coveted clarinet position in the Block. During her junior season she marched at every game. As she prepared for the 1989 Rose Bowl trip, she was struck down by a fatal disease.

The Scholarship is awarded to a junior member of the Band, who shows similar determination, hard work, and the ability to battle adversity to that shown by Connie. —The Keicher Family

Roz and Len Kolins 2 Music and Life Scholarship (571710)

The Roz and Len Kolins 2 Music and Life Scholarship commemorates the parents of Joan, Mark and Jerry Kolins. The family was raised on music and dance and considers music one of the basic food groups. The award is given to a Michigan Marching Band nursing student to help provide the means to support a balanced college education and a noble cause. —The Kolins Family

Gary J. Lewis Scholarship (716895)

Endowed by Donald R. Shepherd, this scholarship honors former Director Gary J. Lewis. Gary Lewis helped the MMB grow musically during his five years at Michigan and also continued to advance the creativity of show design. Prof. Lewis was the first person to hold the Donald R. Shepherd Chair in Conducting and oversaw the founding of The Elbel Club as an annual giving program for the Marching Band.

Wanda W. Lincoln Scholarship (570922)

The first time I saw the Michigan Marching Band was at a Michigan High School Band Day during a football game in the late fifties. (Yes, there was a time when hundreds of extra seats were available in our stadium!) I was in awe of our Band’s excellence then, and I remain in awe. Since I was a student at Michigan I have looked forward to the Michigan football season, both to see the game and to see and hear the Band. What could be a greater thrill than to watch our Band explode from the tunnel, to hear them play The Victors, and to witness their precision and dedication. I am honored to be just a small part of this great tradition-The Michigan Marching Band! Go Blue! —Wanda Lincoln

Scott Ludwig Alumni Drumline Scholarship (731264)

In 2010, marching band percussion alumni Charles Heftman ‘82, Jerry DeShaw ‘81, Evan Budaj ‘07, Rick Bennett ‘76, Adam Sonnanstine ‘07, and Mike Aja ’79 came together to establish this scholarship to honor Scott Ludwig’s 50th anniversary with the MMB. Scott Ludwig has been the section leader of the Alumni Percussion for over 40 years, and he wrote many of the cadences that the Band has marched to since 1960. His cadences’ original syncopation, with which we are all so familiar, can still be heard in the cadences played by the Michigan Band today.

Loyal E. Luikart, III Memorial Scholarship (717851)

The Loyal E. Luikart, III Scholarship was established because of Loyal Luikart’s pride and joy in being a member of the Michigan Marching Band and because of his love of all forms of music. It is awarded annually to the student who is deemed most deserving in terms of ability, character and need, and who represent the spirit and positive attitude that exemplified the life of Loyal E. Luikart, III. --Kathleen and Loyal E. Luikart, Jr.

Jeffrey N. Lutz – Deloitte Consulting Scholarship (570548)

U of M is a very large place, where it is easy to lose one’s way. Each student needs to make connections, find his/her place, and create their own “small school” in this big University. In the mid-1970s, the MMB (under George Cavender’s direction) was my “small school” that got me started on the path to success in life.

MMB participation requires great dedication, time and effort, and as such, is great training for the demands to be faced later in life. But the time commitment precludes student members from working while at school to help defray the cost of their education. Hopefully this scholarship, to be awarded annually to one or more MMB trumpet players who are both residents of the State of Michigan and LS&A students, can make a difference in the lives of a few talented kids. —Jeff Lutz

The Macklem Family Scholarship (570918)

This scholarship is endowed by the Macklem Family to provide support for a deserving member of the Clarinet or Flag section.

Richard K. and Lynn J. McCord Scholarship (570732)

We are very pleased to fund a Marching Band scholarship. Having our daughter (Cherie) in the Band from 1983-1987 gives us an understanding of the sacrifices required.

We take a lot of pride in the MMB and how it represents the University of Michigan. In addition, it does much to enhance the lives of its members by giving them maturity and a sense of how life itself works. Through hard work and dedication to detail, success is possible. We see this every Saturday in the fall by the great performance of the Band. We see it continually in the performance of Band graduates in life. --Dick and Lynn McCord

Susan B. Meyer Marching Band Scholarship

While a string instrument player myself, so not able to be part of the MMB, I have been a fan since they visited my home town (in Ohio) when I was in middle school and our family hosted some of the band members in our home. Game day would not be the same without the music, tradition and pageantry that the MMB brings. I still get shivers as I watch the band coming out of the tunnel for pregame, and road trips to games wouldn’t be the same without the music. I recently realized the time commitment involved and how it precludes MMB members from holding jobs during band season, and don’t want any student to miss out on this experience because of having to choose a job or the MMB. So I hope this scholarship enables someone to make this choice. It has a preference for a student in the Ross School of Business as that is the school I graduated from. GO BLUE! —Susan Meyer BBA ’89 and MaCC ‘89

Michigan Marching Band Scholarships (575027)

These awards, which are funded through the continuing generosity of The Elbel Club and the annual success of Marching Band compact disc sales are given to students who show outstanding dedication to the Michigan Marching Band.

Austin Moore Family Marching Band Scholarship (731119)

The Austin Moore Family Scholarship was established by Austin (B.S.E.E ’01, M.S.E.’02) and his wife Janine (B.S.E., M.S.E ’02.) Austin, a four-year member of the band’s euphonium section, was inspired to give back to the MMB because of Donald R. Shepherd’s generosity, and his desire to make a difference. The scholarship is awarded annually to a member of the euphonium section.

Nemeth Family Scholarship (797413)

Eric and Paula Nemeth established this endowed scholarship to provide support to University of Michigan-Dearborn students who participate in the MMB. Eric and Paula, both UM-Dearborn alumni, decided to create the Nemeth Family Scholarship after watching the intense time commitment required of students in the MMB through their son, Marc, who played the cymbals in the drum line while attending UM Ann Arbor. Eric and Paula admire the passion and commitment of UM-Dearborn students who are required to put the same amount of time and effort into the MMB as students who live and go to school in Ann Arbor. Eric and Paula hope to help ease the financial burden for UM-Dearborn students, most of whom work to pay for their education, so these students can continue to participate in the MMB. 

Jamie Nix Marching Band Scholarship (797364)

The Jamie Nix Scholarship was established with a lead gift from Donald R. Shepherd. This endowment honors the energy and excitement that Dr. Jamie Nix brought to his work as director of the MMB, and previously as a graduate student assistant of the MMB. Dr. Nix’s energy and student centric approach was instrumental to energizing the entire Michigan student fan base as the band was recognized as the leader of student spirit under his baton.

Donald A. and Jane T. Ocker Scholarship (570736)

By endowing a scholarship, Jane and Don Ocker take pride in helping to perpetuate the world- class reputation of the Michigan Marching Band. They ask, “Where else can you invest in the lives of young people, promote the arts and give something back to an outstanding university – all at once?” The Ockers want Band members to know that both their music and marching are a thrill to them personally and to countless others. The Ockers also recognize that not all the “Leaders and Best” are university athletes. Many wear the proud uniform of the Michigan Marching Band. Go Blue! --Don and Jane Ocker

Professor William and Martha C. Parkinson Scholarship (570885)

One of the great experiences of my life was playing in the Marching and Symphonic Bands under the baton of William D. Revelli during the first four years of his tenure at Michigan. His discipline and his reaching for perfection had a significant impact on the Band and on me. There were thrills. On the way to the Yale game in 1938, Bob Fox, our drum major, formed us up at trackside in New York and marched us through Grand Central Station and up 5th avenue playing The Victors. A different thrill: after guest conducting some numbers at a concert in Hill Auditorium, Edwin Franco Goldman turned to the audience and said, “In my opinion this the finest college band in the country.” Revelli’s reaching for perfection culminated with the 1961 Symphonic Band on its tour of Russia. At his funeral in 1994, a playing of that Band’s recording of Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral made grown men cry. Future Bandsmen will, I’m sure, have such rewarding experiences. —Prof. William C. Parkinson

Helen A. Peters Scholarship (570141)

This scholarship, established by a gift from the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan, recognizes long-time Alumni Association Assistant Director Helen A. Peters. It is awarded annually to a student who demonstrates outstanding devotion to the Marching Band.

We salute Helen for her loyalty, dedication and commitment to the University of Michigan Marching and Athletic Bands. Your many years of advocacy on behalf of the Bands have been appreciated by directors, staff members and countless students.

Raab Family Scholarships (731500)

It is with great humility and a sense of gratitude to the MMB that we have established scholarships for members of the Drumline and Flag sections. Scholarship recipients are to be chosen by members of each section and awarded to “the member who has most contributed to your happiness, learning, love for Michigan and general well-being on and off the field.” —Katie and Andy Raab

R.C.R. Scholarship (570295)

The R.C.R scholarship is named in honor of former Director of Bands William D. Revelli, former assistant director of the Marching Band George Cavender and Walter “Bud” Rea, former Dean of Men. The scholarship is an expression of gratitude for the profound influence they had on me when I was a student. This scholarship is about a dream realized - being a member of the Michigan Marching Band - and hopefully will permit future students to also realize their dreams. The scholarship is about pride in the great traditions of excellence of the Band. Hopefully, it will allow us to continue the tradition of “Being the Best” by attracting students of outstanding abilities. Thank you for allowing me to say “We were undefeated for 4 years” - may we continue that spirit and tradition. —William E. Modlin

Glen A. Reavis Jr. Memorial Scholarship (731341)

Established in 2011 by the Berkshire, Reavis, and Schwartz families in honor of their father Glen A. Reavis, Jr. Glen A. Reavis, was graduate of the University of Michigan, class of 1960 and had loved the Michigan Marching Band.

William D. Revelli Scholarships (724103)

Endowed by Donald R. Shepherd, this scholarship honors former Director William D. Revelli, who came to Michigan after having built a nationally recognized high school program. It was Revelli who developed and instigated the Michigan high-step tradition, as well as the traditions of excellence that propelled the Michigan Bands into their position of national prominence.

H. Robert Reynolds Scholarship (570272)

Endowed by many friends of the Michigan Bands, this scholarship honors Professor H. Robert Reynolds, who served as Director of University Bands from 1975 – 2001. Professor Reynolds, an alumnus of the University of Michigan, served as a member of the Michigan Marching Band and a student of Dr. Revelli. During his tenure as Director of University Bands, Reynolds was instrumental in upholding and enhancing the high standards and reputation of the Michigan Bands that had been established by those before him.

The Richards Family Marching Band Scholarship (797344)

Bill (’69 LSA and ’72 Law) and Joan (’69 LSA) Richards established this scholarship in 2013. Bill played trumpet in the Marching Band for four years. The Michigan Marching Band was the best part of his college days and continues to be the source of his pride and passion for Michigan. With this scholarship, we hope to give to future Michigan students the same opportunity for a meaningful college experience.

Rick and Linda S. Ridley Marching Band Scholarship (731663)

Linda was in the clarinet section of the Michigan Marching Band and Varsity Band for all 4 of her years at Michigan and now plays in the U of M Band Alumni Association Alumni Pep Band and the UMBAA Concert Band. Dr. Pasquale says time and time again, “These kids are great. They are going to find the cure for cancer. They are going to take us to Mars. They are going to change the world.” We would add that they are our future. What better investment to make than in the education of students at the University of Michigan and the Michigan Marching Band. We are pleased to be able to endow a scholarship for a member of the MMB. —Linda and Rick Ridley

Thomas A. Roach Marching Band Scholarship (572090)

Established in 2011 by the family of former University of Michigan Regent Thomas A. Roach. This scholarship is to provide support for a deserving member of the Michigan Marching Band who has completed two or more years in the ensemble, and engages in community service.

Tyler J. Roberts Scholarship (570645)

The Michigan Marching Band is a wonderful organization. As an experience, I would describe the Band as being positively charged, well organized and brimming with spirit. For five years the MMB was my home, my place at the University of Michigan. Endowing this scholarship in my name is mine and my family’s way of saying “thank you” for such a great experience and ensuring that others will have the same opportunity. Go Blue! —Tyler Roberts

John P. Schmidt Scholarship (570664)

It was incredibly poignant that the Michigan Marching Band was my first experience at the University of Michigan - it set the tone for what has turned into a relationship spanning more than 20 years. The MMB is a timeless symbol of Michigan tradition, teamwork across all schools, and university spirit. The MMB creates the balance that any student strives for – a mix of the arts, athletics, and creating academic leaders. In all stages of my career as a physician, the MMB remains a daily presence in the life lessons that it has taught me and the friendships it provided. This scholarship is awarded to a member of the trombone section who demonstrates leadership, compassion and teamwork. My hope is that this will assist in allowing the student to explore every opportunity that the university has to offer while appreciating that we all have a responsibility to give something back. —John Schmidt

F. William Schwarz, Jr. Scholarship (571791)

Bill was seventeen when he entered Michigan and probably was one of the younger members of the band his freshman year. The genre of music he loved most was Jazz with Dave Brubeck being at the top of the list (Pete Fountain coming in as a close second!). The clarinet was Bill’s instrument of choice. The MMB was a highlight of his college years! Congratulations and enjoy! —Mrs. Patricia Schwarz

Kevin L. Sedatole Scholarship (570916)

Former conductor Sedatole is honored with this scholarship, established in 1999 by Howard J. Gourwitz (AB ’69). A tenor sax player with the Band as an undergraduate, Gourwitz re- enrolled at age 50 so he could again try out for the Band. He made it and, as the oldest member ever of the Band, marched in the 1998 season under Sedatole’s leadership. This scholarship is awarded to a member of the Marching Band for excelling both as a student in the classroom and as a musician on the field.

Donald R. Shepherd Graduate Fellowship

These graduate fellowships are provided by long-time MMB benefactor Donald R. Shepherd and are intended to allow students enrolled in full-time graduate degree programs to continue their participation in the Michigan Marching Band. Recipients must have participated in the MMB as an undergraduate in order to be eligible.

Donald R. Shepherd Student Scholarships

These merit-based scholarships are to recognize outstanding leadership and overall contribution to the success of the Michigan Marching Band. They have been awarded since 1978 based on my belief that the Band offers one of the best educational experiences on campus. Lessons such as teamwork, discipline and always giving one’s best are a perfect complement to what is learned in the classroom; they provide a solid foundation for life after graduation. Providing scholarships offers an opportunity to havea positive impact on other peoples’ lives. My association with the Marching Band has led to many long-term friendships and has afforded me the satisfaction of seeing young adults mature and become contributors to society. —Donald R. Shepherd

Donald R. Shepherd Scholars Scholarship (796518)

The Donald R. Shepherd Scholars Scholarship was established with a lead gift from Randy Heiser. It is supported by many of the recipients of Don’s Donald R. Shepherd Scholars and Graduate Fellows. This endowment not only supports future generations of MMB students, but will always thank Donald Shepherd in a very personal way for his support of students of all majors who create music together. The Donald R. Shepherd Scholars and Fellows honor Don for how he has shaped so much of the campus environment through his spirit and support. 

Ward Dean and Mary Wylnetta Smith Scholarship (725801)

Endowed in 1984 by a bequest from this University alumnus (BSE 1929) and his wife for student aid, with preference for students participating in the Marching Band.

Maggie St. Clair Michigan Marching Band Scholarship Fund (700952)

The Maggie St. Clair Marching Band Scholarship was established with a lead gift from Donald R. Shepherd in November of 2019 in honor of Maggie's dedication and love for the Michigan Marching Band and its members.  This scholarship will be awarded annually to members of the marching and hockey bands in Maggie’s memory.

Stout Family Scholarship (570874)

Arts education and the importance of music to our public school students is an incredibly passionate subject for each of us, and we believe that active family and community involvement in public school music programs is imperative for the future of our culture.

The Stout Family is very proud to be able to provide a scholarship for a deserving University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance student who has made a commitment to the University of Michigan Marching Band.

Membership in and affiliation with the Michigan Marching Band has literally created our family, formed lasting friendships, made our family who we are, and imparted integral life lessons.

As the very first recipient of the very first Marching Band Scholarship ever awarded [George R. Cavender Scholarship – 1978], John and the entire Stout Family are privileged to be able to give something back on an annual basis to the students of the University of Michigan Marching Band, an incredible group which continues to create incredible people. —John W. Stout BM ’79, MM ’80, and Gail Ferguson Stout AB ‘81, William A. and Mary L. Stout AM ‘72

Marianne and Jon Swenson Memorial Scholarship (797315)

Jon Swenson loved the University of Michigan and the Michigan Marching Band. He even hired a MMB trombonist to teach his twelve year old daughter to squeak out The Victors on her trumpet. His faith that women (and eventually his daughter) would be allowed to march was borne out a year before he died. Marianne Swenson (MMB '78-'82, B.A. '82) and her husband, John D'Alessandro (B.A. '82), are thrilled to honor Jon Swenson, support the Michigan Marching Band and express their love of the University -- for their lessons in leadership, discipline, camaraderie, love of learning, and commitment to the highest levels of excellence. We hope the recipient of this scholarship will understand we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, and bear a responsibility to those who come after. —Marianne Swenson and John D'Alessandro

Taubman Company Scholarship (571026)

Endowed by the Taubman Company of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, following the Marching Band’s performance at the Grand Opening of the Great Lakes Crossing shopping center.

University of Michigan Band Alumni Association Scholarships (570568)

These awards, which are funded through the continuing generosity of the University of Michigan Band Alumni Association, are given to students who show outstanding dedication to the Michigan Marching Band.

James E. and Helen Wasco Scholarship (571372)

Whether making great music as a member of the Michigan Marching Band or making the grade as a medical student, Dr. James Wasco (BS ’62, MD ’66) appreciates the support required to succeed. The Boxford, Mass. resident and his wife, Helen, have endowed this merit scholarship to be awarded to undergraduates in any major who are MMB cymbalists. While Jim Wasco played clarinet for the Band, he and Helen designated the scholarship for cymbalists to recognize a friend and former MMB cymbal player Matt Burrows, former director of development and marketing for Michigan’s Marching and Athletic Bands. —from The Difference July, 2007

John Wilkins Scholarship (570917) 

Established in 2002 by Howard J. Gourwitz, Past President of the Michigan Band Alumni Association, to honor John Wilkins. John has served with great enthusiasm and leadership as the conductor of the Michigan Alumni Pep Band since 1991. This scholarship is awarded to a graduate student or a fourth year member of the Marching Band.

Barry C. Zeltzer Tuba Scholarship for Spirit and Leadership (700295)

Established in 2017 by Family, Friends, and MMB Alumni. Barry C. Zeltzer was a dedicated four-year member of the Michigan Marching Band Tuba Section from 2013 to 2016. Barry graduated from the University of Michigan in April 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a MusicMinor. Barry was planning to pursue a graduate degree in biochemistry. Several months after graduation, Barry became ill suddenly and died at age 22. After Barry’s death, his fellow tubas recalled Barry’s intense spirit, his tradition of giving “110 percent” to the MMB and his “Follow me, I will teach you” attitude. Barry was a natural leader. He was willing to assist and teach any tuba who approached him for help. This scholarship is intended to honor Barry’s memory and reward these qualities of spirit and leadership.

For more information, contact:

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