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The flag section is comprised of 32 members with 24 performance block spots. Four rank leaders and one section leader make up the student leaders of the flag section. 

As a member of the flag section, this "family" will provide a valuable support system throughout your college career, helping you adjust to life in Ann Arbor and create life-long friendships.

The love and support that we have for one another cannot be paralleled. They’re my family and I could not be more proud to belong and have belonged to this group for four spectacular seasons.
— Rachel Banks, 2017

Member Feature


Tiff Raetzel

Class: 2019
Hometown: Macomb, Michigan
Major: Environmental Engineering
Minor: Music

I knew that I wanted to join the MMB ever since I fell in love with the group when I performed at my first Crisler Concert in high school. I stayed the weekend with my high school color guard coach who was also a MMB flag, and she showed me the ropes and what it meant to be in the flag section. Now that I'm in the MMB, I know that it is a family of really successful and passionate individuals. Everyone cares about every note we play and every 8 to 5 step we take, and that is what makes the MMB exceptional. My favorite band memory is dancing on the 50 yard line when we wait to perform post-game. I do this at every post game!