Information For Parents

How can I get tickets to football games?

A block of tickets for Michigan football games is held for exclusive purchase by MMB members for parents and family members. Veteran MMB members are given an order instruction sheet for these tickets at the Spring Meeting in April.  Veteran tickets must be ordered electronically by mid May. Prospective members will be given a ticket order form during their summer orientation audition. They may order tickets at that time for family members. The tickets for incoming members may not be available for all games as the block is sold to veteran members first.

The number of tickets is limited. Orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You may order two tickets for two games. If a game is oversubscribed you may be given tickets to a different game (based on availability) if you have listed an alternative on the order form.

When does the Band rehearse?

The Michigan Marching Band rehearses Monday through Friday from 4:45–6:15 PM Rehearsals are also held on Saturdays before home football games and other performances. Sectionals are held at the discretion of the section leaders (usually once per week) and generally begin at 4:00 PM. Percussion and flag sectionals are held daily at 4:00 PM. The Drumline also rehearses on Wednesday nights from 9:30–11:30 PM.

Outdoor rehearsals are open to the public at Elbel Field, located at the corner of Division and Hill Streets. Limited bleacher seating is available.

Can I receive the MMB’s Saturday schedule on a weekly basis?

Yes. Sign up for the MMB e-Newsletter provided from the MMB Development Office.


Is there a Band Booster group?

The MMB is proud to be supported by the Elbel Club, a group of parents, alumni and friends of the program who make generous, tax deductible contributions each year.

Does the Band supply instruments?

Yes. Due to the generosity of The Elbel Club, we are able to issue instruments to all members of the Michigan Marching Band.

Is class credit available for Band?

All students are required to enroll in Marching Band for two credits. Marching Band is a course offered through the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, but students from all schools/colleges at Michigan are eligible to enroll.

How much does Marching Band cost?

All members of the Marching Band are assessed a $125.00 lab fee which is charged to their student account. This fee covers the following items which are required for members: three pairs of gloves, one pair of spats, two Michigan Band t-shirts and five uniform cleanings – four during the season and one at the end of the year.

Is Financial Aid available from the Marching Band?

There is a limited amount of financial aid available for students who have been a member of the Marching Band for at least one year. Students need to apply and be able to demonstrate financial need.

Does the MMB go to every football game?

All MMB members attend all home football games. The performance block will attend one or two away games each year, depending on the schedule (generally Michigan State, Notre Dame and Ohio State). Bowl travel is decided once Michigan’s bowl destination has been established.

How do I get photos of my student in the Michigan Marching Band?

The Michigan Marching Band has several volunteer photographers. Photos are available at the following website: