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The trumpet section is comprised of 71 members with 48 performance block spots. Eight rank leaders and one section leader make up the student leaders of the trumpet section.

As a member of the trumpet section, this "family" will provide a valuable support system throughout your college career, helping you adjust to life in Ann Arbor and create life-long friendships.

I love how quickly a group of more than 70 people can feel like family. When I was a freshman, it made me feel so welcomed. Now, I love getting to meet all of the new people every year!
— Lexi Willison, 2018

Member Feature


Allie Marshall

Class: 2022
Hometown: Allen, Michigan
Major: Environmental Engineering

My favorite thing about the trumpets is that they strive for excellence in every aspect of life. While excellence in musicianship and marching are important goals to pursue, perhaps the most astounding quality of my section is their excellence in character. Ever since my first day here, I have consistently felt welcomed, genuinely cared for, and encouraged. The trumpets always make a point of lifting others - and myself - up after our greatest successes and our failures. This extraordinary compassion is essential to making the trumpet section the wonderful group of goofy and kind people that I love!