The Michigan Marching Band is open to all UM students including Dearborn and Flint. If you are a transfer student, current UM student, or incoming freshman you are welcome to audition for the Band.



For over 100 years, the Michigan Marching Band has thrilled thousands of fans with exciting performances that have made this one of the greatest college bands in the country. That tradition of excellence thrives today as the MMB continues its pursuit of the highest levels of visual and musical performance as it "takes the field" at the Big House in Ann Arbor.

At a school the size of the University of Michigan, it is important for new students to find their place within the college community. As a member of the Michigan Marching Band, you will be surrounded by friends before classes even begin. This "family" will provide a valuable support system throughout your college career, helping you adjust to college life and create life-long friendships. You will have instant study partners, as members of the Michigan Marching Band represent almost every academic unit at the University.



The Elbel Club is dedicated to the ongoing improvement and strengthening of the Michigan Marching & Athletic Bands. Its members are friends, alumni and advocates of the University who recognize the value of the Marching Band experience and are essential to the program’s success.